You Guys Need To See This: John Travolta And Olivia Newton-John’s Christmas Music Video

They gotta little plan for you! But you probably won't like it.

I've watched two Christmas music videos today, one that brought me pure joy and one that made me do a spit-take in horror. I'm sharing the horrific one with you here at BAD, because I know you guys pretty well by now. 

God almighty, this is bad. I mean, these two are actors, right? And dancers? And they have money? Why is it that their performances in this video are so shockingly unconvincing? Why are they dancing like my grandma at a church social? Why is the quality of this footage so incomprehensibly bad? Why have I now seen this video THREE times? 

Well, if Sandy's convertible full of presents and Danny's shiny new wig don't get you in the Christmas spirit, adorable children should. Or old people! Or troops! Dancing troops, pouting troops. Of course troops.