Wait, Seriously… There’s a TRON 3 Script Moving Forward?

Disney can't get off the Grid. 

Despite Tron Legacy being almost next-level bad and garnering next to no love from the mainstream (the film limped to a global gross that was probably mildly profitable (although I don't believe the stated budget, so maybe not)), Disney has a third Tron movie in the cooker. Apparently Alan Horn, who took over the studio earlier this year, is hot on the property. He sees franchise potential. 

Disney is negotiating with writer Peter Wigutow, whose work you've probably never seen. He's got a couple of unproduced screenplays laying around - the remake of The Crow, a Peter and the Starcatchers adaptation - but little produced. There's a previous script in existence (they get moving on these things in advance, just in case) but it's unknown if Wigutow will work from that or do a page one rewrite.

I have to admit I'm baffled by this. Has the Tron TV show been very popular? I always figured that if that show worked, Disney might latch on to the next generation. As of now Joseph Kosinski, who botched Tron Legacy, is still attached to direct. I wonder if that changes as Disney moves forward. Will they want a new take on the material? Something that might actually work?