Trailer For OBLIVION, Tom Cruise’s Remake Of WALL-E

Watch the trailer for Joseph Kosinski's follow-up to TRON LEGACY. Is it smart scifi?

I've been trapped in Butt-Numb-A-Thon for the weekend, so forgive me if someone already said this: doesn't the trailer for Oblivion sort of look like a live action remake of Wall-E? Just as in Wall-E, Tom Cruise is the lone guy remaining on an apocalyptic Earth, cleaning up. His ship even looks like it comes from the same factory as EVA. Of course beyond the surface stuff, Oblivion seems to go in its own direction.

It has the virtue of being at least original scifi; that alone makes me give it the benefit of the doubt. But is it smart scifi? The trailer hints at that, with secrets and great truths and conspiracies being uncovered. At the same time the imagery and the tagline - 'Earth is a memory worth fighting for' - sort of makes me worry it's all a dream. Like that Tom Cruise wakes up at the end out of hypersleep, the only guy on some enormous interstellar ship. That would be hacky, and too much like Vanilla Sky.

I'm being hopeful. I like what I see, more or less. But I suspect this whole thing is full on about the script; if this is a good script, this will be a good movie. Otherwise it'll be another Joseph Kosinski special: all nice trailers, no substance.