Devin Vs. MIAMI CONNECTION’s Master YK Kim

A video interview with the mad genius behind MIAMI CONNECTION, the glorious 80s movie now being revived by Drafthouse Films.

Recently Machinima asked me to sit down with Grandmaster YK Kim, the man whose vision brought us Miami Connection. You may already know the legend of Miami Connection: Kim, a tae kwon do blackbelt in Florida, decided to make a movie extolling the virtues of a martial arts lifestyle. He and his students made Miami Connection, the story of how synth rockers Dragon Sound took on the dangerous cocaine ninjas who threaten the sanctity of their favorite club. It's one of the most bizarre movies ever made; it really is of the period, but you'd be forgiven for thinking this was some sort of retro put on. It's screamingly incompetent, endlessly weird... and the most entertaining movie you will see all year. 

Miami Connection all but disappeared upon initial release, but was discovered decades later by Alamo programmer Zack Carlson. Drafhouse Films, the distribution arm of Alamo, has released the film to rapturous midnight screenings. It's now available on Blu. You need to see this film - preferably with as many friends surrounding you as possible. And with friends who will be willing to spend the rest of the night singing the movie's bafflingly infectious songs.