New LONE RANGER Trailer Is A Secret Origin

Disney's explaining who the hell the Lone Ranger is.

The latest trailer for The Lone Ranger, Disney's megabucks retelling of the classic Western icon, focuses more on the hero's origin - a wise move, as most of the audience probably has no clue who the hell the Lone Ranger is. Actually, I bet most older people who know the Lone Ranger aren't terribly familiar with his origin either, just the trappings of his iconography.

This trailer shows that the movie is sticking fairly close to the origin stories laid out in the past (the Lone Ranger has been reinvented time and again over different media), but adding in a bit of Indian mysticism and an arch, wry tone. We'll see if that works in the movie - in the trailer Tonto's "There's something wrong with that horse" fell really flat for me. 

What I found really interesting: the trailer just shows the Pirates of the Caribbean logo. It's like those cash registers at McDonalds that have pictures of the burgers on them so the employees don't have to know how to read. Idiocracy!