You And Your Children Made This ANGRY BIRDS Movie Inevitable

This was going to happen sooner or later. Oddly, Rovio chose later.

It's hard to believe that in this era of powerhouse video games, our most ubiquitous game characters at the moment are a bunch of stupid birds from a game you can play on your phone. People just love to fling mad birds at big-headed pigs. I like it, too. The new Star Wars one is Fifty Shades of Great. The Princes Leia bird has force powers she never displayed in the movies, and I don't even care.

This announcement seems about a year late, but Rovio, with their in-house movie studio kind of like what Marvel enjoys, is going ahead with an Angry Birds movie. It's going to be a stop motion motion picture directed by Henry Selick. Just kidding. It's of course going to be a computer animated 3D kind of movie produced by the guy who produced Despicable Me. It won't come out until 2016, which seems like a long way off as far as cultural relevancy is concerned. These birds aren't like Mario or Mickey Mouse. They pretty much only have the one move; it's just about exhausted already.

No word yet on what the film will actually be about, although I'm assuming it will involve kamikaze attacks on pigs in some capacity. It'll be interesting to see which slumming actor will be assigned to which bird. I'm hoping for Brad Garrett as the massive fat bird, personally.