Gimme: These New Mondo LORD OF THE RINGS Posters

New Olly Moss LOTR posters go on sale tomorrow. 

Gimme! Olly Moss's new Lord of the Rings prints for Mondo are clean, elegant and evocative, and I want want want. They have such a cool '70s vibe to them, in lovely keeping with the irony-free earnestness of the films. I love the way the fragmented Narsil turns into Mount Doom, and that Eye of Sauron's pretty bitchin', too. 

Here's the 15x36" regular edition, $50 with 580 printed: 

And here's the variant, $90 with 285 printed: 

They'll go on sale at some point tomorrow, so follow @mondonews on Twitter for the scoop. I know I will!