God and Logan Cry As One in THE WOLVERINE Motion Poster

Wolverine cries over how much he spent on a katana he doesn't really need.

Could the upcoming The Wolverine really deliver something we want to see? It's looking more and more likely that come this summer, we could all have a new favorite X-Men film. Or at least something that stands among the better X-Men films instead of the all-out X-trocity the first Wolverine film delivered.

The film's first poster depicted Wolverine in calligraphy on rice paper. It was pretty, it played on Wolverine's iconography, and it teased the film's Japanese setting, probably the most exciting thing The Wolverine has going for it at this point. It was pretty much a perfect teaser poster.

This new image, aside from being a gimmicky motion poster, does all that while adding emotional complexity to the mix. When Wolverine cries, the whole world cries with him. When Wolverine sits on gargoyles, he looks kind of like a shirtless Batman. And when Wolverine holds a samurai sword, he can stab you nine times with one blow.

I'm very interested to see if The Wolverine's first trailer will hold up to all this great promotional work Fox has done on the film so far. If the film turns out to be yet another misstep, the artistic ambition and somber tone of these posters will look pretty silly in retrospect.

But if the film is as interesting as these posters indicate, we might really have something to look forward to. Not something R-rated, but still something worth seeing all the same.

And speaking of Wolverine and how awful his first film was, check out this brief video detailing 85 different ways Deadpool almost looked cooler than what we ended up seeing: