Movie Lovers: Tune Into The Cinefamily Telethon This Weekend!

Support one of LA's great theaters and enjoy 24 hours of incredible fun, streaming to your computer. And watch Robert Downey Jr open a time capsule!

This weekend LA's Cinefamily will host their 2nd annual 24 hour telethon, and like many of their best events, they'll be streaming it live online. That means you don't have to be in LA to appreciate and enjoy the madness they've put together for this brain-busting event. Which also means you don't have to be in LA to want to support what they do.

This year is HUGE. They're kicking it off with a visit from Robert Downey Jr, who will be opening a time capsule they found beneath the projection booth. Phil Lord, of 21 Jump Street and the upcoming Lego movie, will be screening Lego fan films. Jason Schwartzman is coming for dinner. Nick Offerman will swing by. John Hawkes, Udo Kier, Brie Larson and more will stop by for a late night talk show. Peter Bodganovich will come by for an extensive career retrospective. There will be live music, found footage, insane mayhem and a general sense of fun. 

The telethon this year is to raise money to improve the (non-profit) theater's seats and to add digital projection. Nobody likes it, but in the coming years we're going to have to rely more and more on digital for rep screenings - it's just the truth. Prints are getting scarcer and harder to come by, and so rep theaters must decide whether to adapt or be left behind. Cinefamily is adapting. 

Click here to see the entire line-up, and to also stream the show once it begins on Saturday. I'm a Black Card member of the Cinefamily, and I urge you to join me in supporting this theater. Again, even if you're not in LA, Cinefamily streams their stuff online all the time, giving everybody an opportunity to join in. Now it's time to give back!