Peter Jackson Will Not Abandon TINTIN 2 To Torment and Death

He's taking that small vacation out of The Shire after all.

With all this Hobbit talk recently, it's difficult to remember that Tintin started out as a joint venture between Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson in which Spielberg was to make part one (which he did) while Jackson was to work on part two (which he did not). Little word had come from either side regarding the project's future, but it felt kind of like Spielberg had lost Jackson to Hobbits the same way Jackson lost Guillermo del Toro to being awesome.

But it looks like Peter Jackson has not forgotten about plucky little Tintin 2. A Belgian reporter asked Jackson about Tintin 2 and the busy director said he plans to shoot all the mocap stuff sometime next year, after which WETA will work on animating it until 2015. Apparently, you can do all the mocap filming in a cool fifteen, twenty minutes. It depends on how drunk Andy Serkis gets that morning.

So it looks like there will be a Tintin 2 after all. It will be interesting when it finally comes out to compare Jackson's contribution to Spielberg's. I thought the first Tintin was amazing, but the most impressive aspect was how effortless Spielberg made it all seem, solidifying his status as a badass even in his old age. Jackson's no slouch when it comes to action sequences that balance excitement and humor, but can he measure up to the master? We'll see in three years! If we're not all dead, that is!