Badass Digest Episode 13: Fake Geek Girls, Part 1

The latest episode of BADASS DIGEST WITH DEVIN FARACI convenes an expert panel of geeky women to discuss the horrors of Fake Geek Girls.

This week we're doing something a little different - we're bringing you a two-parter. The discussion in this episode was so good and so deep that cutting it down to one eleven minute episode felt wrong. So we've cut it down to TWO eleven minute episodes!

The topic: The Fake Geek Girl. I wrote about it last month, but I felt that my perspective wasn't enough. So I got together some experts. Dr. Drea Letamendi isn't just a geek and a cosplayer, she's a clinical psychologist who has done studies of the tribe of nerds. Amber Benson isn't just a nerd, she's a towering figure in nerddom thanks to her role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her genre comics, novels and even feature films (definitely check out her clever, very low budget film Drones, co-directed with fellow Buffy alum Adam Busch). And then there's Allison Goertz, singer and songwriter under the name Cossbysweater, who specializes in pretty songs about nerdy things. 

We all sat down and began drinking (Guinness for Allison, who only drinks stouts, and gin & tonics for the rest of us. Amber insisted on Hendricks, so if you're working at Hendrick's and need a celeb endorsement...). Then we began talking. What followed was a meandering, funny, strange conversation about geekdom, about gender equality, about subcultures, about punk rock, and about my love of Star Trek.

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