Horror In Connecticut

A horrific gun massacre has occured in an elementary school in Connecticut. Children have been shot dead. It's hard to talk about movies right now.

I'm having a hard time writing my review of This is 40 right now because I can't escape the news about a gun massacre in Connecticut this morning. As of this posting, reports have over a dozen children dead. The shooter was in his 20s. 

I can acquire a gun in this country easier than I can get my hands on a can of Four Loko. 

There's a huge problem here. Something is fundamentally broken in our society that this happens... that this isn't even the ONLY mass shooting in America this week. That this isn't even the only historically enormous mass shooting in America this year. In moments there will be people standing up to defend guns, to stand behind tools designed to kill people. Tools today that killed so many children. So many children who will not see Christmas.

The defense of guns has crossed from ideologically wrong to simply evil. Look, I've shot guns. I've shot automatic weapons. It's FUN. I loved it. I would love to do it again. I have no problem with strictly monitored gun ranges where people get to have the thrill of shooting an AK-47, just as I have no problem with people going to a track where they can drive a car 200mph. That doesn't mean these things belong on our streets. 

To those who say this is no time to politicize gun control: when IS the time? Because if the idea of 18 children laying dead in pools of blood, riddled with bullets fired by a madman doesn't make you wonder how we can stop this from ever happening again, you might be a sociopath. The worst part is that the answers are easy and obvious: tighter gun control and improved mental health services. It's not some fucking mystery of the ages. 

In the meantime I'll brace myself for those things to be ignored. Instead the media will examine the shooter's favorite movies, and the video games in his collection. Maybe everybody will start paying lots of attention to the violence in Django Unchained

Meanwhile I can buy a gun that will allow me to kill dozens of people, but I won't be able to buy a Four Loko. Ever get the feeling our priorities are a little fucked?

I now return this site to regular movie coverage. I will not be participating in the comments below, as I suspect some of you will say things that will deeply upset me. I'm already upset enough at real tragedy today.