Does This Image Hold The Key To STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS?

A screengrab from the new trailer may give it all away.

What's happening in the picture above? Taken in the context of the trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, this appears to be a scene featuring numerous coffins. It comes right after imagery that brings to mind a memorial service. When I first saw the trailer I thought this was a moment not unlike the one in Skyfall where M stands with all the coffins of the slain MI6 agents. But look closely - what kind of coffin has a window in it? And why do those windows seem to have a frost on them?

Are these cryotubes of some sort? Are we looking at the frozen bodies of Khan Noonien Singh's genetically modified supermen? You'll remember that the Botany Bay, the ship on which Khan was exiled, was fairly crammed with fellow 20th century supermen. They ended up becoming Khan's crew in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

In the show Khan was awoken from cryosleep, but what if in this continuity it's someone else who is awoken? That idea has been floating around for a while, and it makes sense - allowing this to be a Khan story without being a Khan story. Perhaps in this continuity someone found the Botany Bay before the Enterprise. Maybe it's the Klingons. Maybe that's why the movie's villain, "John Harrison," is going to the Klingon homeworld - to rescue Khan. 

I'm spitballing here, but those definitely seem to be something other than coffins. What do you think?