Fake ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Shows Appear All Over Netflix Instant

Get ready to lose your afternoon.

Just in case you forgot, Netflix Instant is gearing up to show us an exclusive, brand new season of Arrested Development, maybe one of the funniest shows of all time. In preparation for that, and I suppose just to show us how cool they are, many fake television shows and movies featured in the show have now appeared as browsable selections on Netflix Instant.

Unfortunately, they all just link to Arrested Development's Instant Watch page (yes, I clicked on Girls With Low Self Esteem to figure this out, and yes I'm a little disappointed). But the whole gimmick is worthy of applause, especially since they all have legitimate cover art and synopses to match, some of which are pretty funny in their own right.

I'm particularly fond of this one for Les Cousins Dangereux:

To escape the scorn of their disapproving families, two cousins flee to a sleepy, provincial town in France but are forced to hide their incestuous affair from the prying eyes of local villagers in this awkward tale of forbidden romance.

As well as this one for Ready, Aim… Marry Me!:

After an acrimonious parting of ways with fellow Nazi hunter, Red McGibbon, Bullet shows he's nobody's sidekick by flying solo in search of comedic adventures. But along the way he discovers romance in the arms of a sassy socialite.

In addition to those two are the aforementioned Girls With Low Self Esteem: Newport Beach, as well as Boyfights, Scandalmakers, Wrench, Mock Trial with J. Reinhold, Caged Wisdom: Musings From Prison, and finally, Tobias Funke's Families With Low Self Esteem. Go watch them all.