Harrison Ford As A Reflection Of Our Own Mortality In New PARANOIA Pic

He's no longer Han Solo, now he's Han With The Aid of A Nurse.

Getting old is hard. I'm staring 40 right in the face, and it's not making me happy. That said, getting old is different these days - look at 127 year old Sir Paul McCartney rocking harder at the Hurricane Sandy benefit than most modern rock bands do. 

But Harrison Ford represents a different face of growing older. There's something crushing about watching Ford age into a grumpy, jowly old man. Maybe it's because I grew up in a single parent household and he was very much a figure who represented some kind of male center in my life. That's weird, I know, but such is growing up a latchkey kid. We had it weird back then.

His recent run of movies have been pretty terrible. I wrote about this way back in 2010 - In Memoriam: Harrison Ford's Legacy - and I'm not sure much has changed. And instead of being a male figure I look up to, he's a scary image of what my grumbling, confused future might be.

Anyway, the picture above is from Paranoia, a movie starring Liam Hemsworth and directed by the generally useless Robert Luketic. It's a business thriller - we're still making these? - and Ford's in it. And Ford's looking rough. I mean, he's not looking bad for just any guy, but if the rumors I'm hearing are true, that face will be Han Solo in the new Star Wars films, and not in an insignificant role. How do you feel about it?

I'll tell you how I feel about it: like the cold grip of death is coming for us all.