Watch APOGEE OF FEAR, The First SciFi Movie Shot In Space

Lord British beat you to it, James Cameron!

Back in 2008 Richard Garriott - better known to a generation of nerds as Lord British of Ultima, one of the great early video games - bought himself a ticket to space. Garriott is the son of Owen Garriott, an astronaut who was on Skylab (those of you old enough to remember Skylab remember the doomsday scenarios surrounding that sucker), making Garriott the first second generation American astronaut. 

While engaged in his high priced space tourism (I'm so jealous of that, by the way), Garriott spent some time shooting a short film with his fellow astronauts. He paid Tracy Hickman, one of the writers behind Dragonlance, to come up with the concept. He overpaid, whatever he spent.

The short isn't terribly good - it's actually pretty terrible - but the idea of a bunch of astronauts fucking around in zero g on a silly scifi short that references classic scifi is too much fun. This is technically old news, but it happened before there was a Badass Digest. So there!