Badass Digest Episode 14: Fake Geek Girls, Part 2

The second part of the epic, drunken discussion about misogyny and honesty in geekdom!

I'm much drunker in this episode than I remember being! 

Welcome to the second part of our episode dealing with the "Fake Geek Girl" phenomenon. I was joined by an excellent panel of experts and friends, and we had some booze and talked a lot about what it means to be a geek and what it means to be a fake geek and why women are getting such a hard time in the geek space these days. 

So a small caveat: the nature of these shows, and editing them, means that some of the conversation got left on  the cutting room floor. I'm trying to work with our editing team to make sure the best stuff stays in the episode, but some battles get lost. With that in mind I urge you to read guest Dr. Drea Letamendi's excellent article on the psychology of 'Fake Geek Girl' scorn at the MarySue. It's vital that you read this as a follow-up to this discussion. It's required reading, and I think Drea nails a lot of the psychological components that go into the brouhaha over 'Fake Geek Girls.' 

Thanks again to my guests, who were so much fun and so cool to hang out with. 

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