See Sharlto Copley’s Villain From ELYSIUM

Nice nose, guy.

The image above is our first look at Sharlto Copley in Elysium, the hotly anticipated follow-up to District 9 from Neill Blomkamp. This time it stars Matt Damon as a man trapped between two worlds - the idyllic orbiting space station Elysium, where the rich live happily, and the ruined surface of the Earth, where the poor live in misery. Big idea scifi that tackles modern social ills? I'm in.

From the picture it looks like Copley's villain, Kruger, is an Earth-sider. And one with a drinking habit, if his nose is any indication. 

We'll be doing a most anticipated movies of 2013 list in the new year, and you can be guaranteed this will be on it.