New Red Band EVIL DEAD Trailer Looks Amazing

This is a very red Red Band trailer.

Speaking as maybe the only movie fan on the Internet who doesn't go in much for horror films, I simply cannot wait to see this Evil Dead remake. I like extremities, and this trailer is chock full of extremities. I'm actually a little worried that it gives too much away. On the other hand, I was a little disappointed when this trailer seemed to end on the same tongue cutting bit as the last one we saw. That it went further to include face eating really made my day.

This film, more than most cash-in rehashes, illustrates why remakes are not our problem so much as Hollywood's insistence on boring, lazy remakes that aren't even excited about their own existence. If all remakes were this focused and inventive, I don't think people would complain about them so much.

As usual, we have a much beloved film, but this time done again with a completely different tone. You'll notice that nearly everything we see comes from the first two Evil Dead movies. So it's not like they're establishing an identity by dodging the original's legacy. They're just treating seriously what we've already seen, or at least taking the massive exaggeration of Evil Dead 2 in an opposite direction. What I'm saying is, if you want to make a good remake, you need to have a reason to do it and the balls to do it right. According to this trailer, the Evil Dead remake has more balls than it knows what to do with. Most of them are likely to get chomped, too, which I've always imagined would be like eating skinned grapes.

As an added bonus, you can go to where you can record your reaction while watching the trailer, then browse through everyone else's reactions when you're done. It's probably not as fun as watching old ladies view "Two Girls One Cup," but it's a cool idea nonetheless. (As of this writing, only one guy has done it, though. He's cool.)

Evil Dead comes out on April 12. I don't know about you, but I will be there.