The Worst Live New Year’s Eve Broadcast Of The Century

How was your New Year's Eve? I bet it was better than Jamie Kennedy's.

I had a really fun New Year's Eve, but now I'm feeling monstrously unsatisfied that I didn't instead spend my evening in front of the television, watching this abysmal live broadcast from L.A.'s independent station KDOC-TV.

I never thought I'd see a broadcast more deliciously uncomfortable than the time the Fox News desk short-circuited after Ohio was declared for Obama, but Jamie Kennedy's constant refrain of "Are we back?" really gives this one an edge. The long moments of dead air, Macy Gray's sky-high performance and that one drunk lady mouthing Stu Stone's teleprompts certainly don't hurt.

This video, edited together by generous KDOC fan Shaun Broyls, highlights the worst of the worst. He promises to post the full telecast soon (because Patton Oswalt asked him very nicely), so you can subscribe to his YouTube channel to get the full catastrophe. 

And thanks to even more production ineptitude, the audio of this broadcast is most definitely NSFW.