Badass Digest Episode 16: Exploring The PLANET OF THE APES, Part 2

Come back with us to the PLANET OF THE APES as Devin keeps dissecting the classic scifi movie.

More Planet of the Apes! Last week was part 1 of my examination of the classic science fiction film, the first in my all-time favorite franchise. This episode digs a bit deeper, talking about director Franklin Schaffner's craft, about why Charlton Heston was a very evocative choice for the lead, about how Tim Burton's remake is actually closer to the book and about the way Planet of the Apes blazed the path for Star Wars' massive merchandizing.

I want to do more episodes like this, where I just talk about movies I love, and I would be so happy to go through the rest of the Apes series. Are you guys interested? Let me know if you want to follow this up with an in-depth look at Beneath the Planet of the Apes, and I can tell you why the ending is so totally fucked up. 

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