GODZILLA Gets A Monster Writer

He also loses a couple producers.

The upcoming Godzilla remake has suddenly become a hot topic. Last night, Hit Fix reported that the film would start filming in March but not with the project's producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee.

Today, Deadline reports that this was not a happy break up, but rather a big money fight that won't put the film in danger but could delay the March production timeline. So it's definitely bad news.

But there's good news, too. Deadline also reports that none other than Frank Darabont has been hired to rewrite Max Borenstein's original script. Not to make Max Borenstein feel like chopped liver over here, but that's a truly exciting tidbit. Darabont's a great writer with a special understanding of what it takes to make genre stuff exciting even for people who have seen a lot of genre stuff.

This, along with Gareth Edwards' promo reel shown at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, bodes well for a Godzilla film able to wash away our memories of that other American Godzilla film, which, in all honestly, I can barely remember already. So maybe I don't need this new Godzilla. I just want it. Just like potato chips. And my Princess Leia RealDoll.

Godzilla should end up being a 2014 film. This means we're going to have some high profile Kaiju action two years in a row, at least. Three if a big monster shows up in the next Mission Impossible film. It could happen.