Contest: Win THE LAST STAND Swag!

Celebrate Arnie's return to action in style.

I'm embargoed from telling you that I liked The Last Stand until Saturday morning, so in the meantime you can assume my enthusiasm for the film by my decision to personally run this latest contest. We're giving away three prize packs - one grand prize pack and two runner-up packs. They are as follows!

(1) Grand prize: One teaser poster, one NYCC poster, one final poster, one t-shirt, one set of DVDs (three DVDs of Arnold films).
(2) Secondary prize: One teaser poster, one NYCC poster, one final poster 

I have no idea what the DVDs are. We'll discover this together. I do know what the posters are, though.

Here's the teaser poster:

Here's the one sheet:

And here's the NYCC poster, which is also the t-shirt design:

How do you win? Send me your real name and address and answer this question: 'What's your favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger quote that isn't "I'll be back," "Hasta la vista, baby," or "It's not a tumor!"?'

Email the info to devin at Contest ends January 18th!