HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3 No Longer Stopped Up

Fiber is good for you.

I'm kind of too afraid to watch Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence), but I really love the campy and fun original film, largely due to Dieter Laser's hilarious performance. The concept is amazing, but that moment when Laser's Dr. Heiter looks longingly at a picture of his deceased dog(s) is some serious top-shelf humor regardless of the film's ass-to-mouth subject matter. The rest of the film isn't quite as funny, but a certain silliness permeates the whole enterprise. Something tells me the second film misses that tone.

But there's always Part Three to look forward to, which is supposed to team-up Dieter Laser (as a different character) and Full Sequence's Laurence R. Harvey (also playing a different character), as the two create a 500-person human centipede. It sounds like the Avengers of Human Centipede films, which is funny because I know some people (my dad) who thought The Avengers was the Human Centipede of superhero films.

These plans went off the rails last year, however, when director Tom Six threatened to sue Laser for refusing to participate in the film after signing a contract promising he would. Apparently, Laser wanted too many script changes, the details of which I hope come out some day. According to Six they were largely ego-based demands, which only makes me like Laser more.

But never fear. EW reports that all talk of lawsuits has been dropped and the film will proceed with a May shooting start date. Tom Six and Dieter Laser are friends again, and together they will make audiences throw up at the thought of eating poop, this time with the help of that overweight bug-eyed guy. Given the massive tonal difference between the first and second film (which I will eventually see, I promise), it's impossible to say what kind of movie Human Centipede 3 will be, but I'm definitely looking forward to it, especially now that it's not doomed to some compromised Dieter-less version.