Is This Movie Ripping Off FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY?

Watch the trailer for ARMY OF FRANKENSTEINS.

Frankenstein's Army looks awesome; in it Hitler unearths Dr. Frankenstein's notes and begins building an unstoppable army of the undead to win WWII. The design of the film's monsters seems really cool, and we've been waiting to see it forever - the first teasers hit back in 2011. The movie is coming from Dark Sky sometime this year. 

But now there's a pretender to the throne, a very cheap looking movie called... Army of Frankensteins. Instead of WWII these Frankenstein monsters are in the Civil War (via time travel for some reason. Marry Shelley's Frankenstein: A Modern Prometheus was published in 1818, making it quite possible for someone in the 1860s to try their hands at Dr. Frankenstein's creatures). Also, the creature designs appear to be less inventive than Frankenstein's Army and more derivative (illegally so?) of Jack Pierce's classic Boris Karloff make-up.

Also, Frankenstein is the guy, not the monster, so unless there is an army of Dr. Frankensteins, the title's a touch fucked. 

Oh well, if you're going to be an unoriginal amateur filmmaker I guess this is better than making another Batman fanfilm.