The HONEY BOO BOO Phenomenon Has Not Peaked Yet

This roller coaster continues clicking upwards.

Half of this whole Honey Boo Boo phenomenon must come from everyone's curiosity regarding just how awfully this is going to end for that little girl. It's like sticking around through Lost's crappy seasons because you just need to know, regardless of how much it hurts. The story of a tiny beauty queen with tiny brains exploited for mean-spirited television is not going to end well. It's a certainty.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is between seasons right now, but TLC is breaking up their hiatus with occasional holiday themed specials which, for reasons I don't understand and don't care enough to research, don't actually correspond with current holidays.

For example, Sunday was the show's Halloween special. I didn't see it, but I have to assume Boo Boo's family all dressed like professors and drank tea with their pinkie sticking out. It was the show's highest rated episode to date. By 20%. There's another special coming up, this one revolving around Thanksgiving. I think it's safe to assume it will have equal or better numbers.

I don't know how I could be so stupid, but I hadn't heard Honey Boo Boo's name for a while, and I just kind of assumed the excitement was over. Boy was I wrong. Maybe it will go on forever, until a heart attack or the gout takes this beautiful angel from us. It's not done rising quite yet, that much is depressingly apparent.

How many years do you think this show has? Will it's demised be based on slumping ratings, or something that happens on the show itself? What if it came out tomorrow that June Boo Boo is actually well versed in Shakespeare and can tell you the year of vintage wines with a single sniff?