Christopher Nolan May Direct Scifi INTERSTELLAR Next

He's incepted it from Steven Spielberg!

Just an hour ago we were all wondering if Spielberg leaving Robopocalypse meant that he would move on to Interstellar, the hard scifi movie he's been circling forever. Turns out the answer is 'probably not,' because it looks like Christopher Nolan is going to direct it.

The film is yet another goddamned adaptation... this time of theoretical physicist Kip Thorne's scientific theories about space and time travel! Now that's a cool adaptation concept. The movie's plot has remained fairly hush-hush for a while, but The Hollywood Reporter has the barest of outlines:

The project involves time travel and alternate dimensions in a story that sees a group of explorers travel through a wormhole.

That's basically the sort of theoretical stuff Thorne talks about in his book Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy, so no surprise. But what will the movie be? Are we looking at the new 2001 here? There's no way that film is not on Nolan's mind. 

Interstellar is written by Jonathan Nolan; Chris would come on to direct and produce. Hopefully this is next, and takes him away from all the horrible discussion about Justice League. Let this guy get back to what he's good at - we need another Inception, not another fucking Batman.