Fox Gets Deep Into The Paul Feig Business

R-rated comedies for all! But not children! They're not real people yet!

This is just common sense. But it's the kind of common sense you rarely see from Hollywood. Fox has hired Paul Feig - the guy who actually is what I used to think Judd Apatow was - to just sit around making R-rated comedies for them.

Part of this is because of Bridesmaids, which is hilarious. Part of this is because of April's upcoming The Heat, the red band trailer for which is hilarious. And part of it is because people just like R-rated comedies. Plus, they don't cost a gazillion dollars to make, so they don't have to make a hundred gazillion dollars to be considered hits.

I hate the Hangover movies and the Jason Bateman movies, and I'm not sure if Ted is for me or not. But they all probably helped make this happen as well, so I will go down on them, just this once, to show my appreciation. Not all R-rated comedies are created equal. But Paul Feig's tend to be created well and with big R-rated balls. I'm excited to see what he does with all this freedom.