Mitch Hurwitz Teases What We Can Expect From ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Season 4

It's not going to be exactly what you want it to be.

Odds are good that the new season of Arrested Development will be worth watching. But it's also going to be a very different show than the one we're used to.

We've known for some time that each episode in the season would follow a different Bluth family member. Mitch Hurwitz spoke with USA Today recently and added some helpful specifics to how this would work. "Each individual (episode) kind of depicts what happens in 2006 as the Bluths fled from the law on the Queen Mary," Hurwitz states. The show "slowly reveals itself, as the moment you saw in one show will reappear in another show from a different character's perspective."

Here's the part to hang onto: "If people watch it all at once, it will seem like a giant Arrested Development. It's really tailored for Netflix." He also confirms that we won't see the entire family united until the film comes out, if a film comes out.

Maybe this should have been expected since it's so difficult to get a cast that big together, but I'm kind of bummed out by it all the same. It's good we're getting this stuff out ahead of time, so everyone's not too disappointed when the show comes out and feels so different from the original series.