Get Hypnotized By This Trailer For Danny Boyle’s TRANCE

Eternal Sunshine of the Art Thief's Mind.

Danny Boyle has a new film coming out this March called Trance. This is the first trailer for it, and the film doesn't look too terrible. Boyle's participation doesn't translate into an automatic ticket sold, but I like him when he's fully engaged in fun genre stuff.

Trance appears to be about an art thief played by James McAvoy who steals an important painting but can't remember what he did with it because Vincent Cassel Frenched him so hard in the head. So one of the two knuckle-heads hires Rosario Dawson to hypnotize him into remembering. Then one of the two knuckle-heads starts sleeping with Rosario Dawson. Maybe both knuckle-heads

The memory thing is the film's big angle, and it looks like it will lead to lots of interesting shots and slightly hallucinogenic imagery. Hopefully it doesn't end with the whole film having taken place in someone's head.

I do like the idea that in Europe thieves steal paintings. That was also crucial to the plot of last year's Headhunters. American thieves don't know enough about fine art to even consider stealing it, save maybe for Steve Martin. He steals art all the time.