Houston! Face Off With FACE/OFF This Sunday At The Alamo

Join Meredith for another night of Badass 101 revelry. 

Houston badasses, this Sunday join Robert Saucedo and me as we host a 35mm screening of John Woo's preposterous masterpiece, Face/Off. Yes! That's right! You can watch Face/Off on 35mm this Sunday! Sometimes it's pretty cool to live in Houston. 

This epic event marks the conclusion of our Mason Park Badass 101 series, before we head on over to the new Houston theater at Vintage Park. We'll resume Badass 101 in March, but we could think of no better way to send you off into that bleak one month hiatus than with the ineffable insanity of Nicolas Cage and John Travolta swapping mugs. One's a cop. One's a criminal. Together, they are Face/Off

I love this movie, obviously, because I am human, but I haven't seen it on the big screen since it melted my very own face off when I was sixteen years old. Half a lifetime later, I can finally combat the ache within, that unspeakable yearning that comes from needing to see the frenzied machismo of Cage and Travolta larger than life on the silver screen. 

Join me as I quell that urge, at 6:30pm this Sunday

We reeeeally wanted to release doves in the theater, but apparently that's a bad idea for bird poop and birds not dying reasons, so instead we're going to have mattresses and cap guns for pre-show mid-air shootoffs. Don't miss it, babes. Papa's got a brand new bag.