PORTLANDIA’s Fred Armisen Drops By NPR’s THIS AMERICAN LIFE To Imitate Ira Glass

Will we be able to tell if he breaks character?

This week's episode of NPR's This American Life will entertain people like those found in Portlandia, by featuring the guy who makes fun of people like those found in Portlandia, Fred Armisen. I don't listen to This American Life, but I like Fred Armisen, so I am very much torn here. My wife's going to be pretty happy, though. I can tell you that. 

Armisen will co-host the episode with Ira Glass, (aka Anthony Bourdain's stuffier little brother), and he'll be doing the whole thing not as Fred Armisen, but as Ira Glass. So there will be two Ira Glasses, one half empty, one half full. Your choice which is which. The two Glasses will discuss doppelgangers.

Armisen claims he was working on his Ira Glass imitation to use on Saturday Night Live, but when he brought it up, Lorne Michaels got confused and asked, "Who the fuck is you talkin bout, Fred Armisen?" and everyone was too embarassed to tell him he was actually talking to Tracy Morgan.

You can listen as it airs this weekend, or you can just download the This American Life podcast on Sunday. Or you can hear it on accident while hoping to find Car Talk.