See The Trailer And One Sheet For Quentin Dupieux’s WRONG From Drafthouse Films

A story about a man and his dog.

Behold the magnificently absurd new trailer for Wrong from Quentin Dupieux, the man who brought us Rubber last year and who next year brings us Wrong Cops (not a sequel to Wrong). Drafthouse Films is delivering this film to our cinematic doorsteps, and after huge reactions at Fantastic Fest and Sundance, you can be sure this is a film you want to see. 

Wrong tells the story of Dolph Springer, who wakes one morning to discover that his beloved dog Paul, the center of his universe, has disappeared. To recover Paul, Dolph embarks on a mind-melting quest in which the very rules of time and physics have no meaning. 

I love the trailer - so weird, so energetic, so rhythmic. How great is it when the clock ticks over from 7:59 to 7:60? Such a small thing, but I really enjoyed it. 

And check out this mother of a poster!

Wrong will be available on VOD platforms February 1 and in theaters this spring. Get ready to get weird!