Badass Digest Episode 17: 2012 Movie Autopsy

Ding dong 2012 is dead! Jeremy Smith and Amy Nicholson join Devin to discuss the best and worst movies of 2012

My very first episode was the 2012 Summer Wrap-up with guests Jeremy Smith and Amy Nicholson, where we got drunk and talked about the big movies of the summer. I felt it was fitting to bring them back for the 2012 year in review episode, and we all met again back at the Cinefamily. And we got drunk again. This time we finished off a bottle of Jim Beam. 

This time it's not just best and worst, but also our favorites. And also, I am exceptionally shitfaced by the end of it. I'm actually having a hard time watching myself slur, my eyes just lolling about in my head. Yikes.

By the way, in case anyone was wondering, we're drinking out of my Apollo mission commemorative juice glasses. I have Apollo 11, Amy has Apollo 12 and Jeremy gets lucky Apollo 13. 

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