See Hulk’s Ass In Cool AVENGERS Special Effects Reel

And some other fun stuff too. But not quite as fun.

Normally, I probably wouldn't post this kind of thing, but there are all sorts of cool factors going on here that elevate this Avengers special effects reel above typical DVD special feature fare.

For instance, I love the cute little animations that open and close the video. I'm also a big fan of how whoever cut this seems to get caught up in big Avengers moments and just lets them play out without any special effect business happening.

Furthermore, there is a lot of fancy sound effect work going on in this video. I'm fairly certain each layer of computer effect rendering is not accompanied by a fury of clicks, suction sounds, and subtle industrial factory noises. But it feels right, like something real is being constructed right before our eyes.

Since computer effects have taken over, it's easy to stop giving a shit about how they work, as if we all know each movie simply calls in a Hollywood Gandalf to fix everything with his special effect magic wand. Somehow, this video manages to simultaneously call bullshit on that theory and confirm the drastic extent to which The Avengers relied on computers. Obviously, a lot of minute, barely noticeable detail and craft goes into a fully CG cityscape. But it's remarkable how little of a film is actually filmed anymore. Or recorded, rather. There's one part in this video where a bunch of little Phantasm orbs land on buildings and begin bleeding color and texture onto them, and I literally have no idea what the fuck is going on.

But the number one reason you should watch this video is for Hulk's ass. You can find it around the 2:15 point in all its muscular cleft glory. Have fun, ladies… and guys who are willing to be honest with themselves.