A Note On Badass Commenting

Don't worry, you're not in trouble.

We've been experiencing some growth lately, and there have been a lot of new faces popping up in the comments section on the site. Welcome, newer people! Glad to have you. I believe Badass Digest has some of the highest quality comments on the web, and it's because you're all so smart and above-average looking. We couldn't do it without you.

Lately I've been noticing some of our commenters keep getting marked as spam by our Disqus system. It's important to note that our comments section is pretty aggressive about spam, which means if you include a link in your comment it might very well confuse you with a spammer. If you have a high rep (as determined by Disqus, not us), you'll be less likely to get marked as spam. I go through the spam folder every now and again and approve messages, but I imagine some people feel like they got their comments deleted or zinged or whatever. Sorry about that, but it's the price we pay for our security from spammers. 

Thanks again for your continued support and readership. We value your comments and want them to show up in the section as soon as you post them. Be wary of posting links!