CBS’s UNDER THE DOME Miniseries Now Has Premiere Date

Hopefully, it's a very liberal adaptation.

Deadline reports that CBS's miniseries adaptation of Under the Dome will begin its thirteen episode run on June 24. That's the news. Next comes the snarky opining!

Under the Dome will probably go down as the last new Stephen King book I ever read. I'll still revisit his older novels and short stories because I really do think he was a good writer, but after the Dark Tower fiasco I found myself teetering on the edge of my King fandom. The last hundred pages of Dome flicked me off for all time. Under the Dome's ending isn't just disappointing like, say The Stand's. It's infuriating and lazy and mocks all the time you spent getting there.

But the book does have a high concept and really strong first two thirds. Plus, King has had good luck with television as any fan of The Langoliers and his version of The Shining would attest if they were just old enough to speak. It makes a lot of sense that CBS would want to do this.

I just hope they do something about that ending. Die hard fans will whine about messing with the source material, but die hard fans are always whining about everything, making them just awful to eat with at nice restaurants (Die Hard fans, on the other hand, are a just a delight at eateries). The bigger a hit Under the Dome ends up being, the larger a chance for rioting. Changing the ending isn't just an entertainment issue - it's a humanitarian mission.