Live Action TOY STORY Recreation Is Incredibly Adorable And Awesome

This is totally worth your time.

A lot of fan films tend to reveal the worst of geekdom's reoccurring tendencies (grim and gritty versions of kiddie properties, this vs that mentality). Fan recreations, on the other hand, often bring out the best.

This live action recreation of Toy Story, using real toys and actual humans, is a perfect example. Far better than something arriving from the "sweded" style of film recreation, this version of Toy Story displays limitations but also lots of talent (tons of techniques are utilized to make this work) as well as a sincere affection for the original material, all while offering a new way to watch Toy Story.

The second half is a bit better than the first, if only because it's exciting to see how they pulled of the Sid stuff and the big climactic moving van chase. Sid's little sister is extremely adorable, too. But the best part of the whole thing is how Buzz's non-expressive face somehow still seems to bring emotion to his realization that he is, in fact, a toy.

Now I just want to see the furnace scene from Toy Story 3.