Badass Digest Goes To Sundance

Meredith and Devin leave for Park City today!

In The Hotel New Hampshire the Berry family always travels in separate planes. That way, if one plane goes down the family doesn't lose both mother and father. I've always thought that sort of doubled the family's chances of being impacted by a plane crash, but whatever. Meredith and I are using the same logic, flying in to Salt Lake City today on our own planes. Also because we live in different cities, very far apart from each other, but basically I want you to feel like coming here is like being in a John Irving novel, including all the awkward sex.

Hi! We're going to Sundance! That's how this should have opened. Meredith and I (and Henri and Roger as well, although you won't notice their daily absence as much) will be in frigid Park City, Utah for the  next couple of days. Meredith will be seeing lots of movies and writing lots of reviews. I have sold my soul and will be doing interviews for the Cinefix channel in a branded lounge. I'll be also trying to see as many movies as possible, but most of my reviews will probably not come until AFTER the festival.

The big takeaway for you guys: things will probably be slow around here for the next week. Evan Saathoff will remain on news duty, bringing you every story related to Tyler Perry, but Meredith and I will be much more scarce. You should follow our Twitter feeds - I'm @devincf and she's @xymarla - for lots of on-the-ground stuff. Definitely follow Meredith because a) this is her first Sundance and b) she's from Houston and this is her first time ever being anyplace cold, and it was -4 in Park City the other night. Should be pretty funny. 

Thanks for your patience. We've had a great start to 2013 around here - traffic is up, people are enjoying (I think) the Cinefix show and our team is coalescing in an incredible way. Just because we slow down a bit for the next week doesn't mean we're taking it easy - we'll be back in full force soon enough. 

And if my plane goes down, I loved you all, and you're in good hands with Meredith. Also, if my plane goes down it's imperative you tell the media "He saw it coming. He knew it was going to happen." I always loved those stories in the Time Life Mysteries of the Unknown books.