Fun DIE HARD Infographic Tallies Explosions, Head Butts, & Mustaches

All the important stuff.

Who doesn't love a good infographic? Latino Review posted this really fun one for the original Die Hard in honor of the upcoming A Good Day to Die Hard. One should be released for each from from now until Part Five finally comes out on Valentine's Day.

I like all the information parts of the infographic. I'm less impressed with the random quotes. By far the best part is the mustache tally.

I've had a real strong desire to watch Die Hard again, and looking at this wall of fact scratches that itch slightly, sort of like when an ex-junkie shoots up with water or saline or whatever those wimpy quitters use.

Speaking of Die Hard, there's of course going to be a big theatrical Die Hard marathon on February 13th. It's not yet clear which theaters will be participating (though you can probably bet on AMC being involved), but the four film run will terminate in a viewing of A Good Day to Die Hard, which will hopefully reignite the spirits of everyone who just sat through Live Free or Die Hard.