The Future Holds More HOT TUB TIME MACHINE

You'll need a time machine just to get away from it.

THR reports that MGM wants to make another Hot Tub Time Machine movie. They've been talking to Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, and Clark Duke about returning for another dip in the time tub, though no one has approached John Cusack, yet. My personal theory for the snub: He's secretly a Britta.

I know people who loved Hot Tub Time Machine, but I found the film - and Rob Corddry's performance in particular - shrill, annoying, and joke free nearly to the point of being unwatchable. The only thing I liked was Chevy Chase, and I don't usually like Chevy Chase that much at all.

But it has its fans, so this is obviously good news for some. To those people: What do you think will happen in the sequel? Will they return to the tub, or will the film rely on another random appliance that does another random science fiction thing? Here are mine: Frozen Yogurt Maker Parallel Dimension Hopper Machine. Or Pampered Chef Non-Stick Omelet Pan Quantum Leaper Device. The comment section is below. I defy you to do better.