Tomorrow’s JAWS and E.T. Mondo Posters Might Actually Sell Out For Once

Please help this struggling company pay its bills.

Ain't It Cool News has an exclusive that Mondo will be releasing two new posters for sale tomorrow. Perhaps you've heard of Mondo. They make typically well-designed and executed posters for typically irresistible movie properties that typically sell out within a couple minutes of going on sale.

Tomorrow's releases may test whatever holds Mondo's current sell-out speed. Not just because they're for E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and Jaws, but because they're both seriously beautiful. Speaking personally, I admire the E.T. one, while the Jaws one makes me consider bank robbery.

Not that they'll be all that expensive at first. The 475 copies of Mike Mitchell's E.T. poster will go for only $45 each. The 525 copies of Laurent Durieux's Jaws poster are $60 each. The problem is that after those first 500 people purchase their posters, the price will go up quite a bit. You also need to factor in professional framing because these are Mondo posters. They are not to be fucked with.

Keep your eye on Mondo's twitter page, @MondoNews, tomorrow to catch the on-sale announcement. After that, be careful you don't get trampled. Here are both in their full glory: