What Is GODYSSEY And Why Do I Need To See It As Soon As Possible?

Zeus vs. Jesus Christ might be even cooler than Hulk vs. Thor.

I like team up movies and welcome this resurgence they're enjoying thanks to the success of The Avengers. But since most movie studios don't have the patience or balls to develop their own team members via solo films, we're seeing a lot of movie team ups with rosters padded with pre-sold characters from myth and folklore. This is what Rise of the Guardians did. It's what Showtime's Penny Dreadful aims to do. And it's what Godyssey intends to accomplish.

Godyssey is a film currently in development and based on a one-shot Rob Liefeld comic from the mid-1990s with the same name. I sadly have not read it. The plot basically involves a bunch of Gods (Zeus, Buddha, Ra, and Pangu) who "must come together to fight a legion of fallen gods in an epic battle over mankind." Sold. No wimpy hippie Jesus Christ involved? Sold Sold.

Oh, wait a minute. Jesus Christ is involved, but he's a magical badass. Wow.

There's not much else to report at this time. Liefeld's been trying to get this made for years, supposedly with Ryan Reynolds as a lead, which would make short work of my excitement. Hopefully this moves forward with as few hitches and bad casting decisions as possible.