Paul Dano To Play A Young Brian Wilson In Biopic LOVE & MERCY

He wants an army of didgeridoos.

They're making a Brian Wilson movie. I guess it was just a matter of time. The film will be called Love & Mercy.

Bill Pohland, Oscar nominated producer of such films as Brokeback Mountain, Tree of Life, and Into the Wild, just to give you some indication of how much humor you can expect, will be directing.

Youngish Brian Wilson, the abused by his father so badly that he grew up into a genius who composed jaw dropping pop songs almost exclusively in baby-talk version, will be played by Paul Dano. Old Brian Wilson has not been cast yet, though I have my fingers crossed for an acting debut from Daniel Johnston.

Brian Wilson is a compelling figure, and stands without doubt as one of the 20th century's pop-culture titans. This should be an interesting project because the bizarre left turns inherent to the subject matter might keep it from sinking into the Oscar-bait biopic it threatens to become. Walk Hard sort of negated this whole genre, but that's no reason to stop making movies, I guess.