Play BLACK LODGE, The TWIN PEAKS Atari Game That Never Was

Game Over Screen: "How's Annie? How's Annie? How's Annie? How's Annie?"

This Twin Peaks Atari game is old. Not old enough to be an actual Atari game, but its 2011 initial release date definitely makes it yesterday's news in Internet terms.

It's new to me, though. It's also pretty impressive and certainly deserves a look from fans of Twin Peaks, particularly fans of Twin Peaks' series finale, the overlap of which should be pretty darn high.

Black Lodge puts you in the body of Dale Cooper just as he enters the infamous lodge. Your goal is simply to keep going from room to room. If you get up to 5,000 points (I have not) the Giant will offer vague tips on how to beat BOB, and you go to some new stage. Unlike in the show, I think Cooper can actually come out on top here.

Of course, it's not that easy. After a couple harmless rooms, your doppelganger begins hunting you down. If he touches you, you die. Making things more difficult are the lodge's many obstacles which slow you down. The narrow hallways, for instance, are haunted by Leland Palmer. A lot of the rooms are plagued with wild, flying chairs. Just like on the show.

Laura Palmer's in there, too, and she deserves special mention. If you thought Laura Palmer's shriek was abject and alarming on the TV show, wait until you hear it in Atari speak.

If you die, you can get your life back by throwing rocks at owls. If you miss the owls, it's game over. Something then happens with the white horse, but I'm not sure I understand it. Which is probably as it should be.

The game was created by Jak Locke and can be downloaded here. If you choose to play it, I highly recommend perusing the instruction manual, not just because it will help you figure out what the hell is happening, but also to marvel at the insane amount of work and detail that went into this.