RUN ALL NIGHT Could Be Liam Neeson’s Next Dumb Action Film

If he doesn't run all night, I want my money back.

We have to be nearing the end of Liam Neeson's Confused Ass-kicker era, right? I'm not talking about the good stuff like The Grey or even his goofy Wrath of the Titans roles. I'm talking about the Liam Neeson solo films which aver his stance as an intelligent badass while consistantly revealing him as neither of those things. His Taken character, Bryan Mills, might be the biggest accidental nerd in all of cinema. Unfortunately, these films are popular, so they'll probably never end. Even after Neeson dies, they'll just make a CG old Neeson.

There's a possible upcoming entry in the Liam Neeson: Confused Ass-kicker sub genre moving along right now called Run All Night. Liam will play a mob hitman who has to kill his former boss for some reason. He must then go on the run (all night long, one assumes) with his estranged son. His estranged son. They should call it Taken: Boy. I wonder how that relationship will end up once the kid sees his dad knee cap bad guys and locate secret dungeons by randomly tossing grenades all over the place. Together they'll go from estranged to just place strange.

Run All Night would be directed by Jaume Collet-Sera. The two are already chummy after making Unknown and upcoming Liam Neeson: Confused Ass-kicker airplane film, Non-Stop. More on this story as it under develops.