Sundance Interview: Dror Moreh, Director Of THE GATEKEEPERS

Devin talks with the Oscar nominated director of the film that shines a light on the surprising beliefs of Israel's ex-Shin Bet heads.

Dror Moreh's documentary The Gatekeepers is nominated for Best Documentary at this year's Academy Awards, and with good reason. The compelling, challenging film sees Moreh interviewing all the surviving heads of Shin Bet, Israel's security agency. These men were on the front lines of the Israel-Palestine conflict for decades, but Moreh's film captures them coming to new conclusions about the situation, changing their hawkish ways for surprisingly lefty opinions. 

Moreh came through the Cinefix studio here at Sundance, and I had a chance to talk with him briefly. I found him to be surprisingly funny (unfortunately his fart joke - yes, a fart joke! - didn't make the final cut of the interview*) and not so surprisingly smart.

This is just one of the interviews I've been doing at Sundance for Cinefix. I'll share the ones I think you guys would be most interested in; if you want to see all of them (including me interviewing a tipsy Keri Russell, click here.

* Just a note here - these interviews are being conducted for Cinefix. They're being edited to better fit in with their style of coverage. Some of the stuff that didn't make the final edits in my interviews will be appearing on BAD in the next few days, so keep your eyes out for BAD-exclusive outtakes and extra bits from Sundance.