Adele, Not Paul F. Tompkins, To Sing SKYFALL Theme At The Oscars

Cool news for Adele fans, but here's what you'll be missing.

Friends, my 007 news beat is a lonely one these days. The Bond stories have all but dried up; there's the usual mutterings about trying to bring back Skyfall's creative team for Bond 24, which isn't exactly the most shocking development, since Skyfall has grossed over a billion dollars worldwide, a new record for the franchise as well as Sony Pictures. I dunno, it's a little linear and OCD and "continuity first" to want all the same creatives in place, I think. Part of the fun of a new Bond film is seeing different folks take on the icon, and I'd just as soon see Eon Productions roll the dice on some new blood. (Neil Marshall, your country needs you.)  Whoever comes back, I do hope there's a new actor playing Felix Leiter, just to watch fanboys tear their hair out. I'll remind you that multiple Leiters is a tradition. Even Timothy Dalton had one for each of his films!

This is the kind of mental meanderings I'm left with lately, until Eon revs up the 007 machine again. But today there's something approaching actual news! It was announced this morning that Adele will be singing "Skyfall" at the Oscars. This is "news" for a few reasons: last year, no songs were performed, leading folks to wonder if the same would hold true this year. Another reason is Adele hasn't performed live in over a year, and it wasn't a given she would be singing even if the song was performed. See, the Oscars has a long history of having folks other than the original artists sing nominated songs for little to no reason. In 1965, Robert Goulet sang all the nominated songs! In 1985 Phil Collins sat in the audience and watched a musical theater veteran named Ann Reinking perform his nominated song "Against All Odds." Why? None of the blue-haired members of the Academy knew who Phil Collins was.

So, in going with Adele to sing Adele's song, the Academy both dodges a bullet and misses an opportunity. The thing is, "Skyfall" is a pretty good song no matter who is singing it. And I don't know where Paul F. Tompkins will be on Oscar night, but I will be thinking of him. Maybe next year he can pull a Goulet.