Brad Bird Opens The 1952 Mystery Box

The director tweets a picture of the contents of the box that supposedly inspired his upcoming film with Damon Lindelof.

Here's the marketing narrative behind the movie known only as 1952: Damon Lindelof found a box in the Disney offices marked 1952. He opened it up and within found the seeds of a story. Some have speculated that the story would be an alien contact tale - 1952 was the height of the fling saucer craze, after all. Others believed it would have something to do with Walt Disney's desire to build a magical land of artificial happiness and inflated prices.

Now Brad Bird, director of this film-to-be, has tweeted a picture of the contents of the box that started it all. And judging from that, we're in for some kind of a story about the genesis of Disneyland. Sort of the anti-Escape From Tomorrow, if you will. 

The box contains some pictures of Walt Disney, as well as a loop of Technicolor film. There's a 45 single in there, and what appears to be a copy of Amazing Stories. There's a book called Moral Research. What does this all add up to mean? I'm not sure - maybe we're going to learn that Disneyland is an alien plot to turn humans into automatons who consume plastic goods and are brainwashed by a false concept of happiness. Which would make it Escape From Tomorrow, kind of!

Do you have any insight into the contents of the Mystery Box? Weigh in below.