Roger Corman Asks Why Video Games Don’t Make Canadians More Violent

Video game spoof VIRTUALLY HEROES is the first Roger Corman-produced movie to ever play Sundance. The legend himself sits down with Devin and talks about violence in media.

History was made in Park City this week: Sundance played its first Roger Corman-produced movie. Virtually Heroes, directed by GJ Echternkamp, is a comedy where two FPS video game characters become self-aware and realize they're being controlled. They must face this existential crisis while still fragging the bad guys.

Roger Corman himself came by the Cinefix studio along with GJ and star Robert Baker, and I had a chance to get some probing questions in. I discovered that Joe Dante's favorite exploding helicopter, which was put into just about every Corman trailer back in the day, shows up in Virtually Heroes. More than that, I got Roger Corman to deliver an eloquent defense of violence in media, as he wonders why Canadians - who have the same games, movies and comics we have - don't shoot each other up with the regularity with which Americans do.